What is Quantum Computing and how does it works?

Following Google’s recent reveal of Sycamore, a quantum computer with an incredible processing power of 53 qubits, the Internet was buzzing about quantum computing. Sycamore is the very first computer to achieve “quantum supremacy,” a fancy phrase for quantum computers’ capacity to accomplish jobs that regular computers can’t.

What is Quantum Computing and how does it works

So, what exactly is quantum computing and how does it function? This article examines the technological advancements inside space and also how they affect consumers.

What do you mean by Quantum Computing ?

Quantum computing employs quantum bits, or qubits, as opposed to bits (binary digits 1 and 0) which are used by traditional computers to solve complicated problems via a process known as superposition. Quantum states, or all conceivable pairings of 1 and 0, are used in superposition.

Let’s consider the example to help you understand. Let’s pretend you wish to travel from point A to point B. The majority of humans are programmed to follow a straight route from point A to point B. In quantum computing, on the other hand, you’re meant to use all available methods to get to point B. Some will likely turn out be dead zones, while others will not. Quantum computers work in the same way as traditional computers. They try both the bad and right answers until they find the one that works.

Pros and Cons of Quantum Computing :

Academic organizations and government bodies are big fans of quantum computing. The US Department of Energy has awarded $218 million in financing to research organisations focused to Quantum Information Science, which is a shining example (QIS).

What is Quantum Computing and how does it works
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Researchers will be able to further investigate known and theoretical quantum computing applications, such as the development of novel pharmaceuticals and the construction of smart cities, thanks to this considerable financial support.

Skeptics, on the other hand, think that the new technology has distinct concerns. A quantum computer can erase encryption techniques for network connections with digital data, including such messages transmitted through Viber, Whatsapp, or even other messaging applications, from a cybersecurity standpoint. Furthermore, this can occur without notice, and in less than 200 seconds. As our occupations, private activities, and transactions now days demonstrate, the repercussions can be terrible.

Applications on Quantum Computing

Following would be word application of Quantum Computing :

Finance : D-Wave and IBM have both released commercial quantum computers that may be used to simulate and analyse financial risk. The computer is also utilised in sophisticated investing, notably in the pricing of derivatives, such as futures & stock options, which are financial instruments whose values are dependent on one another.

BioMedical Area : Researchers at Harvard University utilised a quantum computer to mimic protein folding in molecular biochemistry in 2012. Protein folding is indeed the transformation of a protein’s basic structure into the a coiled or tri structure.

Researchers are looking at this process in order to figure out how protein structures grow in disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and maybe find a solution. The quantum computer employed, D-Wave, predicts a folded protein’s lowest-energy configurations.

Automobile Industry : In Lisbon, Portugal, Volkswagen joined up on public transportation company CARRIS to develop a traffic planning system employing quantum computers. Quantum computers are used by the system to determine the fastest path for the CARRIS fleet.

Conclusion :

Indeed, the emergence of quantum computing heralds an exciting era in computer science, physics, as well as technology in general. Quantum computing’s future uses might lead to advancements that enhance the lives of many people. For the time being, we’ll have to wait until scientists have worked out the glitches in the quantum computers that are already accessible.

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