What do you mean by Tarpitting ?

What do you mean by Tarpitting ?

Tarpitting is the deliberate delay in sending bulk emails in order to avoid being labelled as a spammer. System administrators can use it to setup a specific email system to insert a pause between delivering emails to large numbers of recipients. While tarpitting might assist legitimate businesses that seek to avoid spam, fraudsters can also use it to circumvent security measures. They can postpone spam mail delivery so that it is not regarded as spam.

Implementations of Tarpitting ?

Tarpitting can be done in a variety of methods. Some of them are listed below.

Delaying Identified Spammers

Several email systems are capable of detecting known spammers. Based on the evidence, this will only delay mails from known spammers, not regular users.

Greylisting Users

Greylisting is another efficient tarpitting approach. Any connection requests from new as well as unidentified Internet Protocol address will be denied. The assumption is that all normal users will try to connect again, while spammers will not because they generally only make one connection attempt.

Delay Authentication Procedures

Passwords enable network administrators to postpone authentication. When users enter an incorrect password, the police response increases. This can demotivate spammer since it requires them to spend more effort bypassing the authentication protocol by attempting a variety of passwords.

Increasing Transfer Time

Tarpitting may also be accomplished by lengthening the time it takes to send an email by several seconds. Users may not notice the delay, but spammers are substantially impacted because they often handle enormous email quantities per second.

Would Tarpitting effect legitimate users ?

Tarpitting is a feature that most email systems include in order to increase security. Non-spammers who send genuine emails in bulk, on the other hand, have found it aggravating. As a sender, the objective is to maintain a clean mailing list and assure email delivery, which makes tarpitting a challenge.

Legitimate users may get nondelivery reports (NDRs) or even be bounced in some situations. This might result in high bounce rates and, as a result, negative sender ratings. Fortunately, they may utilise an email validation tool to start connections with the recipients’ mail exchange (MX) server. This type of gadget can detect whether servers have live tar pits & alter the transmitting time included an anti-tar pit time.

Conclusion :-

So, what exactly is tarpitting? It is just a tactic designed to prevent spamming. The major goal is to prevent risks like dictionary harvesting and user account assaults. Dictionary harvesting attempts attempt to create a list of legitimate email addresses within your company for future use. Meanwhile, in user account assaults, threat actors continually attempt to verify connections by guessing username and password combinations in order to circumvent security protections.

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