What do you mean by Internet Cookies ?

S0, here’s a Short description of what actually Cookies are:-

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Internet cookies (sometimes known as “cookies”) are little files stored on your computer by Web servers when you visit any site for the first time. They put them there so that they can recall who you are or what you did when you viewed their website. As a result, the next time you enter their site, they will be able to tailor your experience and make it more enjoyable for you.

Some related FAQs are as follows :-

Should I prefer accepting Cookies?

Cookies are a non-essential aspect of your online experience. You may control which cookies are stored on your smartphone or computer if you want to. Allowing cookies will make your browsing experience more efficient. For some people, the security risk of not having cookies is more significant than having a convenient online experience.

Can cookies track me ?

Cookies may collect a variety of information about users, including search & browser history, prior website visits, previous Google searches, IP addresses, and on-site activity including scrolling speed, where people click, and where their mouse lingered.

Can cookies Identify my Personality ?

A cookie is a little text file that identifies you to the a website. It doesn’t divulge personal information (since the cookie’s data originated with the website’s server) – just recognizes you with the same browsers that was used previously.

Should I delete Cookies ?

You should never accept cookies, and if you do, you should remove them immediately. Cookies that are no longer in use. The cached data inside cookies may clash with the new site if a website page has been modified. This might cause problems when you try to upload same page again.

Conclusion :

So that was all about cookies and some FAQs about it.

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