Text scams are more prevalent than robocalls, according to a survey

Although you may have seen a decrease in robocalls so over past year, a recent study reveals that fraudsters are increasingly employing text messages to contact victims.

The Federal Communications Commission is being urged in a study by the Consumer Watchdog branch of the charity U.S. PIRG to adopt additional regulations against robotexts, including mandating phone providers to prevent unlawful text scams.

In an excerpt from the study, it is said that “illegal robocalls and robotexts probably won’t go away.” But as long as regulation is inadequate, phone providers don’t work harder, and enough people fall for scammers to make it profitable for criminals, they’ll continue to haunt us.

According to RoboKiller, a business that specialises in preventing unwanted calls and texts, the amount of spam messages sent over the past year has increased significantly, from 1 billion sent per month in July 2021 to more than 12 billion as of June.

Last year, Jessica Rosenworcel, the FCC’s interim chairwoman, proposed new regulations mandating cellphone providers to prevent illicit texts.

The agency said that complaints about unwelcome text messages more than quadrupled from the previous year in 2020, according to a statement issued in October.

According to a statement from last year, “we’ve witnessed an increase in fraudsters seeking to take advantages of our confidence in messages by sending phoney robotexts that aim to fool users into sharing critical information or clicking on dangerous websites.”

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