Mattel will start selling SpaceX toys and memorabilia in the coming year

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are the inspiration for a new toy line and memorabilia that Mattel and SpaceX are collaborating on.

In 2023, the toys will be offered under Mattel’s Matchbox brand and its direct-to-consumer platform, Mattel Creations.

Nick Karamanos, executive vice president of creative partnerships at Mattel, said in a statement: “We take pleasure in our power to make goods and experiences that reflect cultural events and inspire humanity.”

To promote space travel, Mattel has produced a variety of toys under its many brands, notably Hot Wheels and Barbie. For instance, the toy company presently sells a Barbie doll that can fly and many Hot Wheels cars that are inspired by Mars rovers.

In an effort to inspire young women to pursue professions in STEM fields, Mattel announced in April that it will send two Barbie dolls to space in cooperation with the International Space Station.

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