7 Features Of Google Drive App You Should Know

Google Drive is an amazing application for every Android users and many of us use them but still there are many features that you may not have discovered till now.

We have researched on the app and have discovered all important features of google drive so that we can give you a detailed guide on it. After reading this article you will be knowledgeable about all the features of Google Drive.

Lets have a look on the top 7 features of google drive for Android users :-

1: Backing Up Your Device

In combination with Google One service, Google Drive is utilised to preserve your phone backups. It can back up system & app settings, as well as certain data, so you can swiftly recover it following a reset or even when upgrading to a new phone.

Open Drive and navigate to Settings > Backup & Reset. Select an account from Account Storage if you have more than one, and afterwards make sure the option next to Backup on Google One is turned to On.

Your backup will be automatically started under these conditions :-

  • Your phone has been charging for the at least two hours.
  • Wi-Fi is activated on your phone.
  • The previous backup was at least 24 hours ago.

You can also backup your files manually by clicking on Back Up Now button.

Select Backups from Drive sidebar menu to view what’s been backed up. See which applications are included by clicking through. Individual backup files cannot be accessed.

The disadvantage of utilizing Drive for backups that it only works with third-party programmes that have decided to support it. Some programmes, such as WhatsApp, ask you to choose whether or not to back up chats separately. Check out some more methods for backing up the Mobile phone to make certain you’re entirely covered.

2: Scanning Documents and Pictures

You can truly embrace the paperless world with Google Drive. The programme allows you to scan old images and documents and includes OCR functionality, which makes the generated files fully searchable.

Tap the Plus symbol inside the bottom right corner & select Scan to begin scanning. Take a picture of the document now. The programme will try to square the image and clip off any undesired components around the corners.

If necessary, use the Crop tool to alter the crop, and then use the Color tool to save image as a colour or black-and-white document. Finally, you should save your image.

If you often scan documents, you may add a shortcut on the home screen for quick access. The shortcut may be accessed through a widget. The method for doing so varies based on the device or launcher you’re running.

Normally, you’d long tap an empty area just on home screen, pick Widgets, and then look for the Drive choices. Tap and hold the Drive scan widgets, then drag it to the home screen.

3: Sharing Files via Drive

Although Google Drive would not be a file-sharing service, there may be situations in which you need to making a file public.

To apply this in the app:

  1. Select Manage access from the three-dot menu button next to the file or folder.
  2. The file should indeed be set to Restricted by default under General access. Change the setting to Restricted > Anyone with the link.
  3. Now, press Viewer and choose: Viewer, if you would like the person who received the link to really be able to access the file Commenter, if you would like them to be able to remark on the file Editor, if you would like them to be able to modify the file.
  4. Now, press the Back button a few times, and then tap the link symbol next to Public access to save the URL to your clipboard. If you go too far, you may also click Copy link from the three-dot menu button beside the file.

4: Saving Shared Files

One of the finest features of Google Drive is the capability to share & collaborate on documents. However, keeping track of folders and files shared with you might get challenging after a time. By default, these all appear as part of a long list on your Shared tab. Moving the files into your own folder is a great method to keep organized.

Following the shared file or folder, tap the 3 menu button. Then, choose Add shortcut to Drive, then choose a location to save it in and touch Add. You may make a new folder by clicking the symbol in the upper right corner.

Shared folders are really only available while they are shared with you. You will no longer be accessible if they revoke sharing or delete them entirely.

5: Easily Open Files in Other Apps

When feasible, opening a file on Google Drive would open it in Drive or the default application for that file type. This applies to all popular files, including word documents, PDFs, pictures, and many others. However, you may have other applications on your smartphone that really can handle such files as well.

Simply hit the 3 menu button next to the document, then choose Open with. An Android Share menu that appears, displaying all of the apps on your device that can handle this file type, allowing you to choose one from the list. If no other apps are active, it will launch in the default application as normal.

6: Can Add Home Screen Shortcuts

If you use Drive frequently, you most likely have a few file types that you enter on a regular basis, such as a PDF you’re trying to read, a worksheet you need to keep updating, or an able to share file you’re trying to work on. You may save a button to this file on your main screen to avoid having to continuously launching the Drive application and finding your way to it.

Select Add to Main Screen from the menu button next to the file name. As with any other icon, you may drag the icon in position or transfer it to a folder, or the shortcuts will be generated in the first vacant area on the main screen.

7: Awesome Interface

Google Drive is quite straightforward to use, but there are a few techniques to move about the software faster.

  • Views : You may choose between a list and a grid view from of the Starred, Sharing, or Documents tabs, or from any folder. The latter displays a thumbnail sample of the file and is particularly useful for photographs. Activate it by clicking the View button located in the upper right corner.
  • Multiple file selection : Every file or folder may be selected by long pressing on it. Once you’ve chosen one, you may touch on additional files and directories to choose multiple at once. You may now transfer, delete, or perform other operations on these files all at once.
  • Stars : A quick method to recall key files. Tap the menu icon next to the file and folder, then select Star from the menu that appears. Now, click the sidebar and choose Starred. All of your belongings have arrived.
  • Colors : You may use colours to emphasise folders (but not files). Select Change colour from the menu, then select one of the options available

Conclusion :-

That was all about some interesting features of google drive. Hope you like it, check our related posts too.

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